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*** Attention all Year 6 pupils ***
Our theme this term is 'Reach for the Stars'. Here is a link to Tim Peake, UK astronaut talking live about Space.  He answers questions sent in by pupils.  If they missed it live yesterday, then you can watch again on YouTube.  (We always advise adult supervision when watching video clips on YouTube). Click on the link below.
The next 'Tim Talks Space' live is on Monday 18th May at 11:30am

World Book Day

Numeracy Games

Miss Armstrong’s class enjoyed playing Numeracy games to help develop their multiplication and division skills. They played a version of snakes and ladders and the 24 game. This made the children very enthusiastic about their learning and they really enjoyed it.

Young Enterprise Workshop

The three year 6 classes were given an introduction to business by the Young Enterprise Company. The pupils learned about business and trade, imports and exports and also where everyday objects actually come from. There was also a game where the class was divided into teams and they had to buy items, create items for sale and then sell them for a profit, which was a fabulous and extremely enjoyable way to end the sessions.

Viking Warrior Faces

Miss Murray’s Y6 class used clay to make Viking Warrior faces. They developed many skills, such as, slab making, joining, engraving and impressing into the clay. Then they mixed and matched colours and painted the faces. Thin brushes were great for adding fine detail to the eyes. Everyone is so proud of their fabulous work, especially Miss Murray. 

Miss Murray’s Yr 6 pupils wrote an explanation about Viking Sailors.

Why were Vikings such Great Sailors?            

The Vikings were famous for lots of different things, e.g. ship building, sailing, raiding, trading and going on many long adventures. What made them such magnificent sailors?

Firstly, Vikings were very skilful at designing and building boats, e.g., slow passenger and cargo ships called Knorrs and fast warrior ships for attacking, called Dragon Ships or longships.  This building ability resulted in their ships being extremely strong and waterproof. As a result of their great strength and design, longships were able to ­withstand the rough, wild and dangerous seas. Consequently, Vikings reached their destinations and their journeys were successful.

Secondly, when sailing, Vikings had a choice of using sails or oars which meant that they were not hindered by the weather. They knew what to use on windy or calm days. When it was windy, Vikings knew how to work the sails and on calm days they knew how to row using the oars. Plus, they learned how to use oars and sails from a young age so they had lots of practice. Their experience made them unstoppable sailors, in all weather conditions and therefore great sailors.

Thirdly, Vikings’ personalities meant that they were brave, fearless, determined and adventurous people and nothing stood in their way. They weren’t even afraid of death. As a result, they never gave up, weren’t scared to go out into the wild seas and they attempted many long, dangerous journeys to far away countries. Consequently, they gained lots of confidence and experience making them excellent at sailing.

Fourthly, Vikings were expert navigators. They knew how to use the position of the sun and the stars. Even when the sun was hidden behind clouds, they knew how to use a ‘Sun Stone’ (Icelandic Spar) to show them which direction to go. They used birds such as ravens because they could show them where land was. Vikings used the colours and sounds of the sea also which helped them avoid danger. This made them great sailors.

These are some of the reasons why Vikings were great sailors. It’s not surprising that their ships and travels are still remembered today.

Viking Clay Art

Miss Armstrong’s Year 6 loved creating and painting their own Viking clay head. We were delighted with the end result J We think they look exactly like real life Vikings!

Y6 Mental Awareness Day

This year the Y6 classes have been participating in some workshops talking about the awareness of their mental health and how to look after themselves. We discussed how to look after ourselves (and others) especially when we have too many things to try to do at one time, and also who could help us when we feel that things are not going so well. Everyone enjoyed the hands-on activities and games which helped make everyone aware of the fact that everybody is important and we all need to look after each other too.

Shared Education

The boys and girls from Cookstown Primary School have once again participated in shared education lessons, in partnership with pupils from Phoenix IPS and Holy Trinity PS. The pupils have mixed very well with each other whilst also taking part in shared lessons on the Vikings, Minecraft, Literacy and also STEM, where they had to make a small cart to see which one would travel furthest. All in all, the lessons were a huge success and helped to develop friendships within the three schools.

Maths Week in Year 6

Year 6 celebrated Maths Week by participating in lots of games including, 24 game, 4 in a row, Archery Maze and Create your own Maze

Enjoying the Sunshine

Miss Armstrong’s class took full advantage of the beautiful sunshine during Golden Time. We went out to the playground and played lots of fun games.

Raiders or Traders

Year 6 have really enjoyed learning about their new theme ‘Raiders and Traders’.  They took part in a Viking Carousel with real Viking artefacts. They looked at different pictures and created questions they want to investigate about Vikings. They had lots of fun and came up with fantastic questions.

Year 6 World Around Us

This year the Year 6 pupils are studying the theme of the Vikings as part of the World Around Us. We will be learning about where the Vikings came from, why they left their homelands and also how they actually travelled to Britain. The pupils have been looking at various artefacts from a museum to see how they were able to utilise natural materials and to put them to good use. There will be lots of Literacy, Numeracy, ICT and Art activities for the pupils to take part in and hopefully learn about such an important culture throughout history.  

Viking Report

This term Year 6 are learning about Vikings.  They are going to do lots of research to discover whether they were raiders or traders…or both.  We are learning about what their lives were like.  Miss Murray asked Marian at Larne Museum and Arts Centre if we could hire out their Viking treasure box and she generously said yes.  Everyone got to handle real Viking artefacts such as scales, weights, a leather bag and purse with money, a drinking horn, jewellery like amber necklaces and brooches.  There were also keys that the Viking women wore.  Children got the chance to look closely at all the intricate detail. We had lots of interesting discussion on the Viking way of life and how these wonderful artefacts were used.

We also used the artefacts for our art lesson.  The pupils drew their favourite Viking object in detail in their sketchbooks.  Miss Murray said they were fabulous! 

Next term we will be making Viking longhouses using Minecraft, developing our myth writing and storytelling skills and designing and building some Viking transport!

It should be fun!!!

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