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Cookstown Primary School, Cookstown

School Council

Our school council is made up of 17 pupils, 1 pupil representing each Y1-Y7 class, 1 pupil representing the LSC classes and 1 pupil representing the ASC classes.  A Year 7 pupil will represent the Y1, Y2, LSC and ASC classes whereas the other classes will be represented by an elected member of their own class.

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We have a very active School Council this year and is made of children from P1 to P7. The School Council have been busy this year organizing fund raising events. At Halloween they organised a Dress up Day to raise money for the NSPCC; who came into our school and gave talks on how to keep safe.  They raised over £900 in sponsorship money for this charity.  So a big thank you for all your support.  On the last day of the Christmas term the school had a Christmas Jumper Day and raised £300.  This money will go towards supporting Cookstown High School’s Charity trip to Romania.

The School Council have also been involved in agreeing School rules, Class rules, Playground rules and rules for the dining hall. They would really appreciate it if you could also discuss these rules at home.  They have discussed the use of yellow and red cards for inappropriate behaviour and feel that this is a good idea.  They also said that they liked Golden time and that it was a nice reward.

The School Council keep themselves busy too by designing posters for our School events and giving talks in Assembly.

School Council News

The School Council have met and have appointed their Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, a secretary to record minutes of meetings, a publicity officer to write up articles, a treasurer to count charity funds and a playground manager.

Their first meeting was to organize a fun event for Christmas.  The School Council have decided to organize a Christmas Jumper Day on Friday 15th December to raise money for Save the Children Fund.  We would appreciate a donation of £1.00 towards this event with a maximum contribution of £3.00 per family.  Please do not feel that you have to go out and buy a Christmas jumper – wear your favourite jumper or a red or green t-shirt will be fine!

Latest School Council News

The School council have been busy in the summer term.  They are currently organizing for International week which runs from the 19th to 23rd June.  This year the school will be celebrating Portuguese culture.  The School will be running a Portuguese breakfast morning for parents and friends.  Delicious Portuguese food will be served but must be ordered in Portuguese!!.  Sophia, Darcy and Michael will be delivering a powerpoint on Portugal.  We would invite all pupils to find out as much as they can about Portugal also.

The School Council have also been helping in the planning of the Family Fun Night.  They have suggested some new fun activities and even volunteered to help out on the night.  They are having a bookstall and will be selling books at a bargain price to raise funds for the school.  So if you would like to donate any books, please bring them along on the night.

School Council News

The School Council has now been elected for this year and has commenced planning their activities for the year. On the last day of the Christmas term, they will be encouraging all children to dress up as Santa or in a Christmas jumper. The funds raised for this fun day will go towards Cookstown High School pupils who will be travelling to Romania in February to support Orphanage funds. Throughout the year Class council meetings will be held and the School Council will meet to discuss proposals put forward by each year group. The School Council is an important voice for the children and they can influence change to make the school more child friendly .

25th Nov 2021
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