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Year 6 Latest News


Easter Art

Year 6 have been learning about the Eater story in RE. We loved creating the Easter story using tissue paper and black card. It was so much fun and Miss Armstrong was so impressed at how we tidied up afterwards.

Measuring the length of the Titanic

Year 6 have been learning all about the ‘unsinkable’ Titanic. It’s hard to imagine just how gigantic it was in our classroom so we decided to go outside and investigate. We researched the length of the Titanic and we found out it was 269m long. We decided to use a trundle wheel and markers to help us with our investigation. We started our journey at the courthouse. We took turns measuring with the trundle wheel and a marker at 10m intervals. Do you know where we finished? The whole way up to Cookstown High School! We all stood in disbelief looking down at how long the Titanic actually was. We had a brilliant time!

Young Enterprise

The three year 6 classes were given an introduction to business by the Young Enterprise Company at the end of March. The pupils learned about business and trade, imports and exports and also where everyday objects actually come from. There was also a game where the class was divided into teams and they had to buy items, create items for sale and then sell them for a profit, which was a fabulous and extremely enjoyable way to end the sessions.


Shannaghmore Trip 2 - Day 2

More to follow. 


Shannaghmore Trip 2 - Day 1

Today was the eagerly awaited 'changing of the guard!' Another group of very excited young and 'not so young' explorers set off to begin their Shannaghmore adventure.  After a quick introduction it was time for lunch. One of the instructors, who hadn't seen Mr Mitchell for 10 years was heard saying, "I see your appetite hasn't changed!!"

Following our lovely lunch, we set off to go scrambling. We had a fabulous time with many overcoming their tears and fears, resulting in a wonderful sense of achievement.  Well done everyone! We are very proud of you.

For our evening activity we went to Murlough Nature Reserve for a lovely walk along the sand dunes and beach.  Miss Armstrong even managed to be chauffeur driven there and back!


All the fun in Shannaghmore with group 1.


Shannaghmore Trip 1 - Day 3

Day 3 - … started with a bang! The sun was up and the sky was blue, but the CPS crew were definitely starting to wain. Unbelievably no one was awake at 0730, so Mr D had to take dramatic action …. the lights were switched on … the bell was rung and the sleep had to be rubbed from our eyes! 

We 'broke our fast' with cereal and toast, prior to donning our gear for the last activity. The sky was blue, but we prepared for the worst … waterproof trousers, fleeces and tops were donned … but what was to come? 

The instructors were raring to go, the zip wire was taught,  the climbing wall was manned. the parachute jump was primed, the high rope course was beckoning, but we were at the mercy of the NI weather ..' 

Check out our photographs and Mr C's video to see what happened …………..


Shannaghmore Trip 1 - Day 2

Day 2 began at the crack of dawn … teeth brushed, showers (despite protests!), change of socks and a healthy breakfast …. much to Miss Armstrong's delight! All aboard … for the move to Tollymore Forest Park, where the team was lulled into a false sense of security …. 'and we only have to crawl under a bench!!' 

The Adventure Walk rapidly developed into something a little more challenging: wet socks, flooded wellies, tears and a few screams … made the public sit up and listen … the park rapidly cleared as they knew CPS had arrived! The boys and girls slipped through the first obstacle with ease, but Mr C had a few problems and was only released following a crash diet! (He may have now realised that he is no longer 10!) Having successfully negotiated the river, the team took on the challenge of the waterfall … some even went round twice. After a fabulous lunch we dressed in our fashionable gear and strutted out into the wilderness to try out our new found confidence on the Low Ropes, Orienteering Course and Archery challenge. A few of our number overcame their fears and really impressed instructors and staff by their stickability, resilience and determination. Keep it up tomorrow guys!!


Shannaghmore Trip 1 - Day One

A fantastic start to our trip to Shannaghmore OEC for Year 6 (Group 1) - The 'A' Team. Miss Armstrong has found a new weekend hobby - next stop Mount Everest! Following our first experience of Scrambling at Spelga Dam, we can honestly say that we are really proud of our team. Not one refusal at the first hurdle! The rock holes and tunnels proved to be no obstacle and all the young people were really proud of what they achieved. Night line proved to be a challenge in the heavy rain and wind, but again we all got back to the centre safely albeit a little wet and very slightly muddy.


Clay Vikings

Year 6 absolutely loved making Viking heads out of clay. We cant wait to see the end result.  

____________________________________________________________Numeracy Time!

This year the pupils in Primary 6 have been using a new mathematical concept known as IZAK9, which is essentially a large cube made up of 27 smaller cubes. The class is split into smaller groups and are given tasks to try to solve. These tasks include things such as fractions, percentages, magic squares, decimals and many more puzzles which require lots of thinking skills and working as a team. Everyone has thoroughly enjoyed taking part and trying to solve many of the extremely difficult challenges provided by this new game. A huge thanks also to the Parents and Friends who provided the money to purchase the equipment – it has certainly been money very well spent.

Day Five

Day Four

We loved playing the 5-digit game. You and your partner throw the dice and whoever scores the highest number wins! As you can tell from our pictures we had so much fun!

Day Three

Year 6 have been ordering numbers from smallest to largest and largest to smallest. We were each given a number and had to decide who went where in the line. Fingers crossed we all are in the correct position.

Day Two

Mr Beggs' class used the IZAK 9  cubes and carried out tasks such as rebuilding the cubes and also doing tasks such as eliminator and magic squares. They especially loved problem solving using bearings.


 Maths Week - Day One

Day 1-Year 6 have been learning about sorting numbers into Venn diagrams and they loved it that much they decided to create their own Venn diagram using two hula hoops.  


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