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Year 6 Latest News


Tullyhoge Fort

Year 6 had a wonderful time at Tullyhoge Fort learning all about the history of the O’Neill Clan. Through some living history they even met Sarah O’Neill who told the children about feasting and how the men showed off their bravery and strength by jumping over fires and throwing heavy bags. As you can see from the photographs, a few children had a go!

This was a fascinating insight to one of our local places of interest, definitely worth a visit if you haven’t already been!


Cuppatinos Competition Winner

Rachel is a very popular girl in Year 6! She won Cuppatinos’ Easter colouring competition and along with her class she got treated to breakfast and a trip to the cinema! Well done Rachel!

Ballinderry Fishery

Trip to Killowen

Year 6 had a fab time in Killowen doing lots of different outdoor activities. Many challenges were encountered but everyone participated with enthusiasm and hopefully came home with a great sense of achievement.

World Book Day

We loved dressing up for World Book Day! Can you guess which characters we are???


This term Year 6 have been learning about the Titanic. They have been doing all sorts of wonderful things and have been really trying to imagine how it was for the passengers on board. The children have been researching a Titanic database and have been developing their own character for some narrative writing.  Science experiments were carried out in class to see the effects of icy water on the body.  Pupils had to immerse their hands in freezing, cold water and then, immediately afterwards, they were given timed tasks to do such as tying a knot round pencils, building a tower using small cubes and writing their signature.  As you can imagine, this proved quite difficult!  

The children realised that the cold would have also had an impact on the Titanic passengers who would have lost the ability to hold on to oars and hands that were reaching out to rescue them.  They would have felt it hard to concentrate and that being in the water would have been really, really sore too.  The children did show a lot of empathy.

For our next science experiment, we will be making electricity circuits so that we can send messages using Morse code – just like they did on the Titanic.

Titanic is such a great topic and there is lots more fun ahead!  Look out for the photos next time!

Area and Perimeter

In Year 6 we have been learning about area and perimeter. To consolidate everything that we had been taught, we were given a challenge to complete a hexagonal jigsaw, ensuring that all the problems and answers matched up. We worked in small teams and, although it was challenging, we did manage to complete it. There was a little competition between the boys and girls but we won’t say who won!!! Perhaps you can guess from the pictures???

Attention all year 6 parents

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Marvellous Myths and Super Storytellers

Miss Murray’s Year 6 pupils wrote the most amazing Viking Myths this term and we wanted to celebrate them  ‘Viking Style’!  We changed our classroom into a longhouse and the pupils took it in turn to sit by the fire in the centre and take on the role of Viking Storyteller.  We loved hearing all the fabulous adventures.  What a creative class! 

We will be publishing our stories on our class wiki soon so you can read the myths for yourselves online. 

We hope you enjoy them.


This term Year 6 have been learning about the Vikings.    Our Shared Education lessons were also planned for this term and we used the opportunity to build on and demonstrate the pupils’ Viking knowledge through Science & Technology, Literacy and ICT. 

Miss Murray (CPS) and Mr Crooks from Phoenix used      *~▪ the amazing world of Minecraft! ▪~*    to help teach the pupils from Cookstown Primary, Holy Trinity Primary and Phoenix Integrated about Viking settlements and WOW the children produced the most amazing longhouses on the ipads.  The longhouses were brilliant and took pride of place.

The children worked so well together and, in between the planning, negotiating, creating, presenting and celebrating the fabulous work, many, many huge smiles filled the room.  The pupils have learnt a lot about life in Viking times but they have also gone away with lovely memories of wonderful days working and playing together.

Practical Numeracy

Viking Art

Shared Education

Year 6 have been participating in the Shared Education programme this term. Their theme is "Vikings".  Pupils from Cookstown P.S., Holy Trinity P.S. and Phoenix I.P.S. are working together to make a cart that will transport treasure from the monastery to the round tower before the Vikings get their hands on it!


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