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Year 4 Latest News


WW2 Blitz prints

In Art Mrs Boles and Miss Matchett's class have been enjoying learning about WW2. We have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about the Belfast Blitz. We used tissue paper and PVA glue to make a colourful night sky. We then made stamps of skyscrapers and airplanes using spyrofoam. We loved using the black ink and rollers to print our designs!

Literacy games

In Literacy we have been learning about plurals. We played a plural board game to help reinforce our learning. It was great fun!


Mrs Lamont taught the pupils how to keep themselves, and any other children in the house, safe too! She looked at the symbols on bottles, cans and aerosols. We really enjoyed when Mrs Wilson and baby Reuben came to visit us. We discovered Reuben can now roll over and has started weaning too! Mrs Lamont asked Mrs Wilson all the things she has to do at home to keep her baby safe. Some suggestions were: locks on cupboard doors, no hot drinks on table cloths, keeping washing liquid pods out of reach. We also chatted about the importance of road safety and wearing our helmets when cycling on our bike or riding our scooter. 

Accelerated Reader Success!

To thank all the pupils for their hard work reading, reading, reading and taking AR quizzes, we had a Tasty Toast Treat day! We now have pupils who have read tens of thousands of words – what an achievement! Well done everyone!

Computer room

We loved creating pictures using the new Just2Easy app.

Melting Ice Experiment

In our Weather Watchers carousel we came across a picture of a gritter lorry. We were curious as to why grit is spread on our roads in winter, so we carried out a fair test to see what effect salt has on ice. We were using our science skills of questioning, predicting, observing and recording. We discovered salt melts ice very quickly indeed and helps keep us safe on the roads.

Leonid Afremov art

Winter weather artwork inspired by the artist Leonid Afremov!

3D Rockets

We used all the cylinders, cuboids, cubes, spheres and hexagonal prisms we could find at home to make these amazing 3D rockets. Most pupils even made a cone for the top by themselves – fantastic everyone!

World Book Day 2022

Jack Frost art

The boys and girls enjoyed designing Jack Frost using cool shades of paint. 

The Odd and Even Snakes Game

Learning about odd and even numbers is fun when you have a friend to play with (or against, depending on how competitive you are!). Well done – excellent number work everyone!

Fun in the Snow!

Taking a break from work and enjoying a little snow time!

Accelerated Reading Programme

Year 4 pupils are encouraged to read, read, read!

When each child has finished reading a book they can take an Accelerated Reader (AR) quiz to test their understanding of the text! Well done to Elijah, Amilee and Emily on reaching your Term 1 target!

Christmas crafts

Primary 4 enjoying designing and making lots of Christmas crafts!

Santa visits P4

Christmas party and cinema trip

Dazzling Diorama!

 As part of our topic ‘Off We Go!’ each boy and girl got to design and make their very own diorama. A diorama is a 3D scene! We enjoyed drawing a street backdrop and adding a car to complete the scene.

STEM Challenge

Primary 4 were set the challenge of designing and building a vehicle using K’nex. In groups, pupils had to agree upon; the shape and size of the chassis and the number and size of wheels. After construction we set up a fair test to see which vehicle would travel the furthest. Groups had the opportunity to modify their vehicles, if they needed to!

Pupils were excited to see how successful they had been!

Roots of Empathy

We are really delighted the Roots of Empathy programme is up and running again!

This year Mrs Wilson agreed to bring her baby son Reuben in to see us.  We can watch and learn so much from baby Reuben as he grows and develops.

Baby Reuben is 16 weeks old! He is a really content baby. He likes to watch his big brother Daniel play with his toys and he loves bathtime! The only time Reuben cries is when he is hungry!

We are very fortunate to have such a lovely baby, mummy and wonderful instructor in Mrs Lamont.

PSNI Internet Safety Day. 

A Visit from Constable Stevenson

Year 4 pupils were very appreciative of a visit from busy Constable Stevenson. She reminded the boys and girls of how to cross the road safely and the importance of wearing a cycling helmet. Her demonstration with a real egg inside a mini helmet had everyone enthralled, and with no doubt, of how a helmet can protect your head.

The highlight of the visit was getting to sit in a police car and switch the siren on!

Thank you, Constable Stevenson, for taking the time to visit our school!

Wear your Poppy with Pride

On the 11th November we made a poppy printing tool, then used this tool to print lots and lots of poppies on our blue/green wash to help us appreciate the very important work of the British Legion in its centenary year.


Mrs Miller’s class enjoyed measuring objects in handspans, cubits, strides and feet. We quickly discovered our results were very different and understood the need for a standard unit; we estimated and measured in metres. Making a good guess at the length, width and breadth of an object is much trickier than you think! Go on…have a go!

What we got up to in Maths Week 2021!

We kicked off with the ‘Daily 10’ challenge each morning to really get us thinking! At the start of the week we had 10 seconds to answer each question…but by the end of the week we had only 5 seconds! Great work Year 4!

We opened a little supermarket in our classroom with some real groceries to buy! We used the fewest coins we could to pay for the items we bought. Next, we added to find the total cost. Finally, we calculated our change if we paid with a £1 coin. We also enjoyed playing the online game ‘Pay for It’.

We worked so hard and had such good fun!

Halloween Dress up Day

Map Reading in Year 4

Reading maps is good fun, especially when there is treasure to be found (even if the treasure is just a 1p coin!).

Well done everyone, excellent teamwork too!

Accelerated Reading Programme

Year 4 pupils are encouraged to read, read, read!

When each child has finished reading a book they can take an Accelerated Reader (AR) quiz to test their understanding of the text. Hannah has already passed 12 quizzes and here she is with her certificate! Well done Hannah!

Mixing Colours

We enjoyed mixing paints to create lots of different shades of blue for our sea, and yellow for the sand, in our beach pictures. We think the results are amazing and I’m sure you do too!

Yellow Day

We wore something yellow to school on Friday 15th October to support 'YoungMinds' charity.
Look at our little rays of sunshine! </div>
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Friday Fun!

Everyone enjoys a Friday afternoon treat – especially when it involves a visit to the soft play area!

Practical Maths

When we were taking away we had to exchange one ten for ten units. Of course, we had to think hard, but with a little practice we were soon exchanging with speed! Well done everyone!

Shake It, Make It!

We worked with a partner to play this game! We rolled two die and made two digit numbers.

First person with four in a row wins!

High Ho, it's off to school we go

The boys and girls in Primary 4 have enjoyed catching up with old friends and making new ones in their new class.

They have been busy working very hard, had lots of fun playing outside and learning about our new theme ‘Off We Go!’

Looking Good! Looking Great!

Don’t we look so smart on our first day in Primary 4!


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