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Year 3 Latest News



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Place Value

Mrs Boles set us the challenge of counting all the cubes on our desk. We soon discovered it was much easier when we grouped the cubes in tens. We used the base mats to create TU numbers.


We use magnifying glasses to look closely at the texture of different fruits. We then used oil pastels and chalk pastels to draw the fruit. Check out some of our artwork below.

Chinese New Year

Year 3 celebrated Chinese New Year. Mrs Boles' shared her experiences of Chinese New Year when she taught in Hong Kong. We found out some of the Chinese customs and traditions. Following the lesson we painted Chinese dragon masks.


We sorted various containers into three groups: less than a litre, the same as a litre and more than a litre.

Where does our food come from?

We worked in groups to discover where our food comes from.

Food Glorious Food

We moved around the carousel in groups. We wrote down what we wanted to find out in this topic.

Christmas Jumper Day

Three Little Pigs

Activity based learning in Year 3. Pupils were able to construct each of the three little pigs homes using lego bricks, paper straws and wooden sticks.

Young Enterprise

Young Enterprise came to visit year 3 to teach us about 'Our Community'. We had lots of fun learning about our local area and completing the lovely workbooks they gave us. We especially loved the stickers!

How to build a house

We were given photographs of the different stages of building a house. In groups we had to sort these into the correct order. It was fun working together in a team!

Big Bad Wolf Hot Seating

We have been learning about the three little pigs in class. The Big Bad Wolf decided to come and visit! We took it in turns to be the Big Bad Wolf and the class got to ask the wolf some interesting questions. It was fun making up the questions and hearing the wolf's answers!

Building a house

 We looked at lots of different types of tools used to build a house. We had to guess who used each tool and what it might be used for. This was really fun!

Maths Week

The number mat game helped us learn to count in 2's.

Road Safety

We went on a road safety walk to spot the different things around our school which keep us safe when were out and about!

Autumn Art

'An autumn view from my home' was our "inspiration" for our finger print pictures. Look how beautiful our trees are!

Problem Solving

Numicon shapes are brilliant at helping us work our tricky numeracy problems!


We were learning about plans in our Home Sweet Home topic. We used a plan to find out what was missing from our playground plans. It’s fun finding out in P3!

Practical Numeracy

 'How many things can you do in 1 minute' was the challenge. Check out how many cubes we could stack in 1 minute below!

House Walk

 We have been learning about different house types. We went on a walk around our local area to try and spot detached, semi-detached, terrace, flats and bungalow homes.

WAU Carousel

 Our topic this term is 'Home Sweet Home'. We completed a carousel activity to let us explore the different themes throughout the topic. We are really excited to get started! We write down different questions that we wanted to explore throughout the topic.

Back to school letter

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