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Internet Safety Day


Pancake Tuesday

Playing in the snow

We had lots of fun out playing in the snow and trying to make a snowman!!!! We wish we had more days like this.


Our topic this term is about water. We had lots of questions to ask about water. We will be finding out the answers to these questions through investigations in play. We wrote statements about water what we couldn’t do without water. We have been realising the importance of water. We are also enjoying stories about Mr Grinling and the lighthouse. We made a display of the story and our own lighthouses. We have been using using chalks to draw pictures from the story of Can’t you sleep little bear. We then had an art gallery to admire each other’s work. We think we had good fun playing.


Year 2 really enjoyed yoga with Inga. The children all participated so well and were able to try out quite a few yoga poses. Such fun keeping fit at P.E. time!

The Lighthouse Keeper

The boys and girls enhanced their learning by using the Interactive board to draw pictures of a lighthouse. The children also planned and designed lighthouses using lego and a big well done to Nikita for making a fabulous lighthouse. It even lit up!!! Well done Nikita.

Great fun was had planning and designing boats at the junk art area. The children then tested their boats out in the water tray to see if they would float.

Reading in Year 2

Reading is such fun in Year 2. We enjoy improving our reading skills when we use the library area.


Year 2 loved using the apparatus. Fit and fabulous!

Making Bird Food

The birds will love our yummy bird food. The children enjoyed getting messy when making the bird food and worked really well in their groups. The children are great at taking care of their world and the creatures in it!

Bee Bots

Christmas in Year 2

Christmas Joy



The vets of the future in Year 2 during role play.

Also during play time, the children used items collected from our Autumn walk to make little people. Great creations, well done boys and girls!

Harry's Nest

Harry brought in a nest to show the class. The children really enjoyed seeing the nest, touching it and discussing how the little birds made it. Some boys and girls made birds at the junk art area and put them into the nest for a little rest!

Debbie Doolittle

Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed their visit from Debbie Doolittle. The boys and girls got to meet and touch a ferret, a rabbit, a hedgehog, Spirit the owl and Linney the fox. Debbie told us about how she cares for the injured animals and shared lots of interesting facts! She even told us that Linney the fox sleeps at the bottom of her bed!!

Literacy Work

The children are learning about characters and settings during Literacy time. Ollie dressed up and we all guessed what his character might be. A vampire, a wizard, Batman were just a few suggestions. Great ideas boys and girls!

Twinkle Twinkle

The children enjoyed taking part in the carousel activity to introduce their new topic Twinkle twinkle little star. The boys and girls had lots of ideas and also thought of some questions to find out more about their new topic.

Maths Week in Year 2

We made clocks to help us tell the time.  We made patterns together with the cubes.  We had to listen to instructions from our partner.

Outdoor Play


Shape Walk



Hey hey look at me!

Bus trip around Cookstown

First day of Year 2

Back to school letter

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