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Latest News


ASC 2 have had brilliant end of term fun.

We enjoyed our ice-cream, slush puppies and ice-lollies.

 We loved wearing our football kits for Euros week and we designed our own football strips.

 We had a super last day with bouncy castle, a picnic and games in the field.

 Have a super Summer everyone!

LSC's Fairy Garden

LSC2 had a great day creating a Fairy Garden complete with Bug Hotel in the big planter at their classroom door.  All of the children had a part to play, from planting the greenery to laying the gravel path.  They did a fantastic job!  Now the real fun starts.....keeping an eye out for any fairy visitors! 

Cookstown Primary School Does NI Daily Mile.

Superhero Week at Cookstown Primary School Autism Centre

This week the children in ASC and LSC took part in Autism NI’s Superhero week. They were asked to carry out special tasks at home each day. On Monday they had to be STRONG like Superman, Tuesday they had to be SMART like Ironman. On Wednesday they had to be KIND like Wonder Woman. Then on Thursday, they had to be GENEROUS like Black Panther and finally, on Friday they had to be AMAZING like Spiderman. When they completed the activities, they got sponsorship to raise funds for Autism NI. In school, the children completed work around a Superhero theme. They had lots of fun, however, the best part was on Friday when they got to leave their uniforms behind and come to school in their superhero costumes! We all had a fun week at school. Have a look at our photographs and see if you recognize some of our Super Kids in their Superhero Costumes – you might even see some adults too.

ASC 2 Christmas Songs


It has become a tradition in the ASCs and LSCs that we have a wee concert for parents and friends on the last day of Christmas term. That isn’t possible this year with all the restrictions, so ASC 2 wanted to sing a couple of Christmas songs to spread a bit of Christmas cheer. 

We hope you enjoy, and sing along, with:

  • Jingle Bells
  • When Santa got Stuck up the Chimney
  • Hey, Mister Snowman

Happy Christmas and wishing you all a peaceful, healthy and much brighter 2021 from all in ASC 2!

Christmas Jumper Day

LSC 2 News

LSC 2 have been settling back into school, meeting their new friends and learning about the new classroom rules. One of these rules is learning how important it is to wash our hands. We carried out an experiment that showed us how soap pushed dirt away. It was good fun.

Last week we were looking at how colours mix in art. We also carried out another experiment. This time we used skittles and warm water. We could see how the colours spread and mix. We loved the rainbow effect it created.

LSC 1 News

It is September 2020 and we are DELIGHTED to be back and school and welcome the children back into LSC1! We were glad to see children who had been in the class last year and also to welcome new children into the class – Abigail, Chloe & Max from ASC2 and some new Year 1 children – Ollie & Noah!

The children are coping brilliantly with new handwashing routines and are brilliant with adhering to the need for hand sanitising when required. They have their dinner in the classroom now and are all seated facing forwards to stem the spread of bugs! We are very proud of the children and how resilient they have been – we have still enjoyed lots of activities that we did previously – we just need to quarantine toys after use or give them a deep clean. We hope you enjoy looking at our photos in the soft play area, playing ‘Pop the Pirate’ board game, making our sensory pictures and our new dinner routines!

ASC 2 News

ASC 2 love getting outside to play in the fresh air. Zack and Poppy are being statues – can you guess Zack is the Statue of Liberty?

Our P4 children in ASC2 stay until 3pm on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. Conor, Oisin, Mason and Ronan enjoyed decorating their face biscuits.

Katie also celebrated her 8th birthday!

ASC 1 News

This term we welcome back Rosie, Adam, Tyler and Ollie to our class. Luke, Byron and Poppy are our new pupils and it is great to have them in ASC 1.

We have had 2 birthdays in September already – Poppy was 5 and Byron was 6. They both had their parties at the weekend and had lots of fun.

Out topic this term is ‘Hey! Hey! Look at me’ and the children have done some super Art and Crafts. They have decorated a photo frame with some mosaic shapes and have made a cloud and rainbow name to go along with their photo.

Back to school letter

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