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Year 5 Latest News


W5 Trip 

Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed their annual end of year trip to W5 in Belfast. They had the opportunity to explore the exhibitions, try out the Space Base fun zone and soar to new heights in Climb it. Possibly one of the highlights was the temporary dinosaur exhibition which has come to visit W5. 

Picnic in the park

To help raise money to purchase more computers for our ICT suite we hosted a sponsored walk around Drum Manor forest park. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed a day out of the classroom, exploring the forest park, as well as playing in the play park. 

Outdoor Snack

To make the most of the beautiful weather we decided to eat our snack outside. We really enjoyed our picnic!

Ice lollies in the sun

To cool us down after a hot sports day practice, Mrs Boles treated us to some ice lollies! 

Practical Numeracy

In Numeracy we have been learning all about weight. We have been weighing in grams and kilograms, converting and estimating weights and practical weighing items in our classroom.

Fun in the Sun!

Year 5 thought they would take advantage of the beautiful sunshine and enjoy an afternoon in the park! Look at our smiling faces!

Spring Chicks

Making our own Mummies

Using tin foil, kitchen roll and some PVA glue we had a go at making our very own mummies! It was a messy job but it was definitely worth it! Our mummies turned out amazing and we even made a sarcophagus to put our mummy inside!

Mummifying Fruit

 Year 5 have been learning lots about the Egyptians this term, including mummification. We decided we would put the theory into practice and become Egyptian embalmers ourselves! Our task - to mummify fruit! We put the fruit into salt and baking soda and left it for 40 days to dry out. The results were amazing! The fruit was preserved as all the water had been absorbed by the salt solution! Thumbs up for practical science!

World Book Day

On Thursday 1st March we celebrated World Book Day. We had great fun dressing up as our favourite book characters or simply in our favourite clothes whilst raising money to purchase new books for our school. Look at our amazing costumes below!

Practical Numeracy

To help aid our understanding of the properties of 3D shapes we built various 3D shapes using straws, blue tack and polygon tiles.

Pancake Tuesday

We thoroughly enjoyed making pancakes and adding our favourite toppings on Pancake Tuesday. Look at our smiles!!!

Shared Education

Throughout Term 2 we have been busy participating in the Year 5 shared education project. Out theme was 'Destination Egypt' and the planned activities really broadened our knowledge of the Egyptians which we have been learning about in our WAU lessons. There were four lessons including: building an Egyptian boat, colouring Tutankhamun's death mask using co-ordinates, writing a pyramid poem and recording it using the app 'Puppet Pal' and making a board game which folds up into the shape of a pyramid. All in all the lessons were a success and we got to make lots of new friends with the pupils from Holy Trinity and Phoenix Integrated Primary schools.

Fireman Visit

A fireman from Cookstown fire station came to visit both of our Year 5 classes. He taught us about fire safety in the home, how to prevent a fire and what to do if a fire did occur. He give each of us a fire safety fun activity pack. We really enjoyed completing this, especially playing with the trading cards! 

Shared Education Ice Breaker

 We thoroughly enjoyed participating in an ice breaker morning with Holy Trinity Primary School and Phoenix Integrated Primary School. The morning was hosted by the Speedwell Trust and had a Chinese new year theme. It was great fun participating in the activities they had planned and meeting up with our friends from the other schools. 

Spaghetti Pyramids Challenge

Challenge accepted! Our teachers set us a challenge to build a pyramid using only spaghetti and marshmallows. The winning team was the group that had constructed the tallest pyramid.

City Hoppers

Using world maps and Google maps we were able to 'hop' through various countries and cities until we reached our final destination, Cairo in Egypt. We are now able to find Egypt on a world map!

Ancient Egypt Timeline

In teams we had to place key historical Egyptian events into chronological order. It was tricky working between BC and AD dates. We couldn't believe how old the pyramids actually are, some dating back to 5000 years ago!!!

Egyptian Carousel Activity

To introduce our new topic, 'Destination Egypt' we worked in groups to write questions we would like to research throughout this topic. Various posters and photographs on topics such as: mummification, pyramids, river Nile, tombs, hieroglyphics, gods and goddesses were used as inspiration for our questions.  

Winter Weather

We decided to make the most of the snowy weather and had a really fun afternoon playing in the snow. We made snow angels, snowmen and even a snow volcano! Lots of fun was had by all! 

Christmas Jumper Day

On the 15th December we had a Christmas jumper day to raise money for the charity Save the Children. Check out all our festive gear below!


Check out our amazing book covers we designed for the Roald Dahl novel, 'The Magic Finger'. We thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and we even wrote our own blurb! Have a read at some of them below!


We have been learning our body parts in French. Check out our amazing singing and dancing below!!!

Human Body

A huge thank you to Alice's Dad who let us borrow his human body vest! It was great fun taking off all the organ and trying to assemble them back in the correct place! Thankfully he gave us a set of instructions just in case we would need them!

Mid Ulster Sports Arena

Throughout this term Year 5 have been visiting the Mid Ulster Sports Area for sport coaching. So far we have 'had a go' at: football, dodge ball, uni hockey, hand ball, tag rugby and multi sports games. It has been an excellent opportunity to develop not only our game skills but also our team building skills too!

Instructional Writing

Year 5 are pro's at writing instructions!! We looked at all the different forms of instructions such as recipes, games, experiments etc and discovered that all instructions have 7 common features. At the end of the scheme we wrote our own set of instructions on how to do a tree rubbing. 


Over the past few weeks in French we have been learning the names of different types of food. We love playing Diane's exciting games and learning fun songs to help us remember the names of the foods. 

Tree water Experiment

We have learnt that a tree needs water, sunlight and air to survive. We were puzzled how the water in the ground spread to all parts of the tree. We conducted an experiment where we put food colouring and water in a glass and placed a lettuce leaf inside. The bottom of the leaf sucked up the food colouring throughout the leaf. We could see it travelling through the tiny veins.

Paper Helicopter Experiment

Some trees reply on wind to disperse their seeds. For example a sycamore tree produces helicopter seeds which rotate in the wind. We decided to make a paper version of the helicopter seed. We tested what would happen if we dropped our helicopter, if we folded the propellers in opposite directions, if we cut the propellers shorter and if we added extra weights. We had lots of fun testing this out in our classroom. 

Drop and Roll Experiment

As part of our 'Tree' topic we have been learning about the different types of seed dispersal. We experimented with conkers and acorns to see how effective the 'drop and roll' seed dispersal was. We then measured how far our seed traveled.


Year 5 have been receiving French lessons from our French teacher Diane. So far we have learnt how to say our name, count to 5, say colour names and describe how we are feeling. We LOVE the smelly reward stickers she give us when we answer questions!!!

Trip to Burnavon

On Wednesday 20th September Year 5 were invited to the Burnavon theatre to listen to poet, Paul Cookson. His poems were hilarious!! We laughed throughout the whole morning as he told us poems about dinosaurs, teachers and disgusting habits. Together we wrote a poem entitled, 'That's no place to put a pet!' To top things off, when leaving we all received a copy of his dinosaur poem book. A huge thank you from Year 5!!

Parts of tree game

To help us learn about the different parts of a tree we played a game matching the parts to their definition. It was lots of fun working together to solve the puzzle. 

Leaf Hunt

We went on a leaf hunt throughout the school grounds to spot as many different types of leaves we could. To help us remember how many we found we kept a tally chart. We saw lots of leaves including: sycamore, ash, beech, holly and oak leaves. 

Tree Observations

We used magnifying glasses to look at parts of a tree close up. We enjoyed counting the annual rings on the inside of the tree to find out how old it was. It was interesting looking at the tiny veins that run through a leaf too. 

Tree Rubbings

Using crayons, we went outside and took rubbings of different trees. It was intriguing looking at the different textures of bark. 

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