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Year 7 Latest News


Year 7 Argory Trip

At the end of September the Year Seven classes headed to the Argory in order to “step back in time” to 1847 to experience what life was really like as a servant in a mansion during Victorian times.

The pupils were able to experience first-hand what life was really like as a lady’s maid, a housemaid, a garden hand and as a valet in 1847. There was a tour of many of the wonderful rooms in the house, with the pupils able to see many of the antique items which were part of everyday life in 1847.

The trip was invaluable in helping the pupils relive this lifestyle and in creating their own fabulous work in History about “Life in 1847.”

Year 7 Bug Hunts!!

This term the year 7 pupils have been studying animals and in particular, bugs and all types of weird mini beasts. We became budding entomologists for an afternoon, exploring the school grounds on the hunt for some mini beasts. Every group was able to locate and identify lots of bugs, ranging from spiders to shield bugs and harvestmen. The weather was perfect which made the hunt even more enjoyable!! This allowed the pupils to use ICT and Literacy skills to record their findings in their Science books, which has really impressed the staff so far. Well done everyone!

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