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Year 6 Latest News


Day Five

Day Four

We loved playing the 5-digit game. You and your partner throw the dice and whoever scores the highest number wins! As you can tell from our pictures we had so much fun!

Day Three

Year 6 have been ordering numbers from smallest to largest and largest to smallest. We were each given a number and had to decide who went where in the line. Fingers crossed we all are in the correct position.

Day Two

Mr Beggs' class used the IZAK 9  cubes and carried out tasks such as rebuilding the cubes and also doing tasks such as eliminator and magic squares. They especially loved problem solving using bearings.


 Maths Week - Day One

Day 1-Year 6 have been learning about sorting numbers into Venn diagrams and they loved it that much they decided to create their own Venn diagram using two hula hoops.  


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