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Year 6 Latest News


Viking Raid

All parents and pupils better watch out as Year 6 are planning a Viking raid!

With swords and spears in our hands we are the most fearsome raiders ever!! You’d better watch your backs for we will be sailing in our two best long ships, Coolnafranky Sea Monster and the Cookstown Storm Maker. We will grab all gold and silver (teachers, hold on to your jewellery), dinner money, and bad test results!!!!!

We have planned our raid VERY carefully AS we are experienced raiders, THERE WILL BE NO ESCAPE!!!!! We also need slaves to do our homework so if some teachers disappear over the next few weeks you never know where they might be!!!


This term Year 6 have been learning about Vikings and asking questions like whether they were raiders or traders, what their lives were like and discovering new things from research and especially from handling real Viking artefacts.  Miss Murray asked Marian at Larne Museum and Arts  Centre if we could hire out their Viking treasure box and she generously said yes.  We have loved learning about the artefacts, including the scales, weights, money, drinking horn, jewellery like amber necklaces and the keys that the women wore. We got the chance to handle them and look closely at all the intricate detail. We had lots of interesting discussions on the Viking way of life and how these wonderful artefacts were used. We then produced lovely, detailed artwork which is on display in both Year 6 rooms.

Next term we will be making Viking longhouses using Minecraft, developing our myth writing and storytelling skills and designing and building some Viking transport! It should be fun!!!

Animal Puppets

Year 6 have been working with animal puppets to explore all the different personalities they might have. The children have been focusing on terms such as collaborating, accommodating, avoiding, sneaky and forceful. It was really interesting to discover how the children perceived themselves with many admitting to being a bit of a shark (forceful & domineering) at home but more of a teddy (accommodating) in school. It made us really think about how our personalities can change under different situations. In the end, however, we decided that being a wise owl (collaborator) is the best way to solve difficult situations.

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