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Year 5 Latest News



Year 5 have been receiving French lessons from our French teacher Diane. So far we have learnt how to say our name, count to 5, say colour names and describe how we are feeling. We LOVE the smelly reward stickers she give us when we answer questions!!!

Trip to Burnavon

On Wednesday 20th September Year 5 were invited to the Burnavon theatre to listen to poet, Paul Cookson. His poems were hilarious!! We laughed throughout the whole morning as he told us poems about dinosaurs, teachers and disgusting habits. Together we wrote a poem entitled, 'That's no place to put a pet!' To top things off, when leaving we all received a copy of his dinosaur poem book. A huge thank you from Year 5!!

Parts of tree game

To help us learn about the different parts of a tree we played a game matching the parts to their definition. It was lots of fun working together to solve the puzzle. 

Leaf Hunt

We went on a leaf hunt throughout the school grounds to spot as many different types of leaves we could. To help us remember how many we found we kept a tally chart. We saw lots of leaves including: sycamore, ash, beech, holly and oak leaves. 

Tree Observations

We used magnifying glasses to look at parts of a tree close up. We enjoyed counting the annual rings on the inside of the tree to find out how old it was. It was interesting looking at the tiny veins that run through a leaf too. 

Tree Rubbings

Using crayons, we went outside and took rubbings of different trees. It was intriguing looking at the different textures of bark. 

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Back to school letter

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