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Year 2 Latest News



Ahoy there me hearties! Year 2 really enjoy learning through play and the topic of Pirates provided plenty of opportunities for activity based learning. The children used the balances to check which pirate object was the heaviest and the art work they produced was amazing. The children also made their own pirate ships using the blocks. Well done boys and girls.

Healthy Eating in P2.

P2 enjoyed a visit from Genève the Goat who came to school Tuesday 9th April to tell the children about the importance of healthy eating.  The children learnt that they should eat 5 fruit or vegetables a day and that the portion should be the size of their fist.  P2 were so good at naming different fruit and vegetables.  The children also learnt that they need to do exercise daily to keep fit and healthy.  Geneve also told the children the importance of going to bed early so that they are able to work in class and have fun outside.

Story time with Mr Grinling.

We have really been enjoying the Mr Grinling stories this term. He is a lighthouse keeper who works hard to keep the light on his light house shining so that ships do not crash into the rocks. His wife always makes him a lovely lunch and sends it down on a wire from their house. One day the hungry and cheeky seagulls stole his lunch so Mrs Grinling decided to feed them mustard sandwiches. They soon stopped stealing the lunch!

During play time we have been making lighthouses and boats from Lego, playing in Mrs Grinling’s kitchen and building our own boats from the junk art. We have loved testing out our boats in the water tray to see if they float or not!

Feeding the birds.

The birds will love our yummy bird food. The children enjoyed getting messy when making the bird food and worked really well in their groups. The children are great at taking care of their world and the creatures in it!

Twinkle Twinkle

Year two enjoyed the topic Twinkle, Twinkle little star. The boys and girls had great fun using felt to make some stars. They also enjoyed learning about day and night.

Different shapes and sounds.

Wow! Look at all the shapes Year 2 found on their shape walk around school. The boys and girls were brilliant shape detectives. The children also went on a sound walk and used their listening skills to hear all the different sounds around our school. Well done everyone!

Day Five

The children are learning about time and they had great fun working out how many star jumps they could do in a minute. They also raced against the clock to see how many times they could write their names in a minute.

Day Four

Year 2 have been learning to add and they used dominoes to work out how many spots there were in total on each domino.

Day Three

The children had to look at different fruit and vegetables and work out how many different ways to sort them e.g. for colour or peel/not peel.

Day Two

There is a brand new fruit and vegetable shop opened in Year 2. The children have been learning how to use money to pay for their shopping and they were very good at working out how much it cost if they bought more than one item.


Day One - Maths Week

We needed two matching towers for our castle and we worked with a partner to give instructions to build our towers so that they matched. The children had great fun “hiding” their towers behind the screen and listening to their partner’s instructions to see if the two towers ended up the same. There was great excitement when the screen was pulled back and the towers were revealed! Did the colours match? Were the towers the same height?

Musical Instruments.

Year 2 had great fun playing some musical instruments and singing. We all played a listening game using the instruments so that the boys and girls could use their listening skills to guess the name of the instrument that was being played.

Art time in Year 2.

Year 2 had great fun learning a new skill called wet felting. The children made some wonderful creations and they even made a Santa to decorate a Christmas card for Holy Trinity Primary School. Well done boys and girls!

Debbie Doolittle's Visit.

Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed their visit from Debbie Doolittle. The boys and girls got to meet and touch a ferret, a rabbit, a hedgehog, Spirit the owl and Linney the fox.  Debbie told us about how she cares for the injured animals and shared lots of interesting facts! She even told us that Linney the fox sleeps at the bottom of her bed!!

Snack time in P2.

Year 2 children really enjoy their healthy snacks each day and they enjoy treat day on a Friday. The boys and girls are brilliant at pouring out their drinks and they love helping out with the washing up too! Please remember to send snack money in each Monday in an envelope clearly marked with your child’s name. Snacks are £2.00 per week.


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