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Maths Week in ASC 1

Day One
P3 children used our Lego bricks to create addition sums. We counted each spot and made our totals using similar bricks. We wrote out each sum on our write boards practicing our number formation.

Day Two
P3 and P4 children used Numicon to build pictures. We counted up how many spaces they used. Some of us even write out long addition sums to match our counting. Jacob made his house, Abigail made an animal and Jude made a face.

Day Three
Today the class took a chance to guess how tall some items in our classroom were. We used the measuring unit of building cubes. We guessed how tall our marble run was, we had guesses ranging from 99 cubes to 5 cubes but Max was the closest guess. We guessed how tall the toy bin lorry was, we had guesses from 16 cubes tall to 6 cubes tall. Max and Matthew both had the closest guess.

Day Four
ASC2 were very busy today with their Maths activities. We used Numicon shapes to help in our adding work at numeracy time, Jude was very happy to have added the right answer. Abigail chose to build pictures with 2D shapes for her free play. We ended the day on a nature walk where we tried to find objects that were long and short. We found a lot of long sticks blown from the trees in the storm and we found very small baby potatoes buried in the earth.

Maths Week in ASC 1

ASC1 listened to a story about Pirate Peter and his friends following a treasure map to find some treasure.  When they found it they had to decide how to share it out among themselves.

Maths Week in LSC 1

Katherine, Norman and Emma have been learning about Tens & Units.  We pretended we were shopkeepers setting out Haribos for the boys and girls at Cookstown Primary School.  Each packet of Haribo had 10 sweets inside and there was a pot of individual sweets.  They all had different numbers to fill on their shelves so had to count out the correct amount by counting in tens and units – Mrs Cuddy was the quality controller, checking their counting.  All the children were brilliant at counting and got some Haribo of their own to munch on at the end of the activity!

On Tuesday Caden, James and Matthew were learning to count; Some boys can count to 10 and Caden can count lots of numbers!  The boys were learning to set out cheerios to 10 or 20; they had to remember to stop at the correct number so they had to concentrate really hard!  The hardest part was not eating the cheerios as they counted them out – I think there were a few sneaky cheerios gobbled up before the activity was finished!  All boys loved it!


Wednesday Ronan and Thomas have been learning how to count to hundreds of thousands.  They used the dominoes to play a game; each boy had to lift three dominoes and had to try and make the biggest number from the spots on the dominoes.  They then had to give the digits they had selected in the correct order to the teacher and compare the numbers to see who had made the largest number.  Both boys worked out clever strategies very quickly in order to make the largest numbers!  It was a fun activity.


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