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 Cookstown Primary has a strong footballing tradition, with boys’ and girls’ teams representing the town in both local and national competitions. Many past pupils have gone on to play for local clubs as well as in the Irish League and English Premiership. Several past pupils (both boys and girls!) have gone on to play for their National Teams. The school does not just cater for children who are gifted and talented in this area, but tries to encourage mass participation by giving every child the opportunity to participate.


Boys’ Football

Two teams headed to Loughview in Dungannon for the first part of the Tri-County league competition. The A team were very slow to start but they did play some fantastic football against Dungannon PS, who were favourites for the tournament, beating them 2-0 in the process. However, their performances were inconsistent throughout the tournament which was typified when losing 1 – 0 to our own B team.

The B team found it tough going against all A teams but they always battled gallantly, even managing to register a win against our own A team, with Joe Fields scoring the winning goal.

The return fixtures take place at the same venue on March 2nd so we are hopeful of some improved performances against these teams.


Results were as follows:

A TEAM RESULTS             Scorers

v Cookstown Primary  “B”      Lost  0 - 1                           

v Windmill Primary  “A”        Lost 0 - 1

v Dungannon Primary “A”       Won 2 – 0     Jamie Kerrigan    Matthew Porte

v Howard Primary “A”          Draw 1 – 1     Jamie Kerrigan

 v Howard Primary “B”         Draw 1 – 1     Jay Wilson

v Bush PS “A”                                    Lost 0 - 1


v     Cookstown A               Won 1 – 0      Joe Fields                       

v     Dungannon A               Lost 0 - 2                                       

v     Windmill PS                Lost 0 - 1                                         v     Howard PS  A             Lost 0 - 2             

v     Howard PS  B             Draw 0 –

V    Bush  A                     Lost 0 - 1

Football Results

The B football team headed to the leisure centre on Friday 13th October for the first part of the tri-county league.

Here are the results of the competition that took place;

                                                                                                                 Result                 Scorers  

V Moneymore  A           Won 2 – 1             Jac McKnight 2           

V Orritor A                Lost 1 - 2             Joshua Cooper

V Woods A                 Lost 0-2                                                                                                                                V Phoenix A                Draw 1 – 1            Jay Wilson                   

Our team made a super start with a great win against an excellent Moneymore side. The next two games were fantastic spectacles, despite the fact that we narrowly lost both games. The final 2- 2 draw against Phoenix PS was especially pleasing, although it was definitely a game that we should have won. Well done to all the boys who took part, as they really tried their very best and also showed great team spirit.

The return fixtures will be played again at the leisure centre on 17th November.



Football practice will begin on...

Monday 25th February

and will finish on:

Monday 5th March  until September.